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                         Spinal Disk Problems
With the work from home and poor posture, misalignment can resulted in pain of the lumbar spine and it can also result from more serious conditions. The faulty posture, muscle weakness, trauma, and numerous other problems can result in slip disc, which is quite a common phenomenon among today.

Regardless of what the disc problem is called – a slipped disc, bulging disc, degenerated disc, etc. – it is most important for the patient to understand if the pain is being caused within the disc itself, or if it is pain along the nerve root

                                                                                                - Spinal Degeneration
                                                                                   - Pinch Nerve
                                                                                      - Sciaitca
                                                                                  - Spinal Decay
                                                                              - Osteoarthritis
                                                                             - Frozen Shoulders
                                                                                  - Whiplash
                                                                             - Disk Herniation
                                                                        - Compression Fracture

But relax! You don’t have to go through surgical pain at all as treatment of slip disc is possible to be reversed by the help of Acupuncture & Chiropratic at Sandton Acupuncture.

If you or someone you know is experincing with disc pain or problem, book an appointment  with us today. We will asses your situation and recommend you a treatment plan that helps you get freedom from pain.



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