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Our Services

Before starting any treatment for a patient,

Dr. Tai Wang takes an extensive patient history and conducts a physical examination to fully understand the patient's medical and physical condition.


Each person is unique, so the unique circumstances of each patient do affects his or her overall well-being.

The diagnosis is made looking at the patient as a whole, by looking at one's tongue and hand palm as well factors such as pain, injury, illnesses, lifestyles, emotions, stress, diet and many others.


Based on this diagnosis, different types of treatment will be chosen, outlined and implemented.

My Approach

When deciding to undergo our treatments, it is imperative to commit to see the doctor regularly to see desired curative results.


However, chronic conditions take longer to resolve and required more sessions. Usually, this will need to see doctor between 4 to 8 times before the problem is completely resolved.

Initially the frequency is about once a week or twice a week depend on its condition or on doctor's advice, then gradually extended as the patient starts feeling better.


If acupuncture therapy is interrupted or discontinued before the entire treatment process is complete, the symptoms may come back and you might probably have to restart the treatment process from the beginning all over again.


Therefore, commitment to the process is very important in our treatment.

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